Welcome to The Royal College of Organists

The Royal College of Organists is a charity and membership organisation dedicated to the promotion and advancement of organ playing and choral directing.

The College has members based in 40 countries around the world. Together we work to promote the best in organ playing and choral directing, and to encourage anyone who is interested to learn more about this fascinating and versatile musical instrument, and to explore its history and repertoire.

Through the RCO Academy programme, the College provides ongoing training and support for organists and choral directors of all ages and levels of attainment, be they students, amateur musicians or experienced professionals, working in church, concert hall, college, or classroom.

Through our examinations, the College has a long history of accrediting organists and choral directors in order to maintain the highest standards in musical performance and music teaching. The College's qualifications are held by many and are recognised worldwide as a measure of achievement and distinction.

Central to the our many contributions to scholarship is the College Library, whose comprehensive specialist holdings of organ and choral music and books are known across the world.

Throughout 2014 we are celebrating our 150th anniversary with a year-long programme of events.