150 for 150 Challenge - Sign Up

150 for 150 Challenge — Sign Up

The 150 for 150 challenge is your chance to play in the College's anniversary celebrations, or to come along and support one of the local challenge recitals.

Under the banner of 150 for 150, we are aiming to unite organists across the country and internationally in a spectacular year-long celebratory recital series of at least 150 concerts.

Running throughout 2014, we want the series to feature players aged from nine to 109 years, from those of international renown to those with a more local profile (or perhaps until now known only to themselves).

Both the President, Catherine Ennis, and the Immediate Past President, James O'Donnell, have already signed up, and now is your chance to be part of the same recital programme (see the 150 for 150 recital programme as it stands today).

Your recital can be solo organ or organ plus other instruments or voices; it can be short or long; feature just you or be divided between different players, perhaps from your local Organists' Association. You might schedule something new, or sign-up with something you've already planned for 2014. Who knows, it might even be the opportunity for your first ever public concert!

Absolutely everyone who plays the organ can take part you don't have to be a College member.

How to take part

To take part, you simply need to submit the form below to tell us the date, the time and venue, what you are planning to play and some information about the organ*.

From 1st July 2013 we will email the 150 for 150 recital pack to our challenge recitalists, containing templates for posters, press release and programmes, ideas and materials for using your recital to raise money in support of the College's anniversary appeal, and ways you can send information to us so we can publicise and report on events as they happen throughout the year.

We will add your recital to the nationwide recital programme (which you can see here), report through our website, our magazine and our Facebook page (coming soon) on what we hope will be a joyful year of celebration.

Or, if you wish instead to find and attend a local 150 for 150 recital, please see the full 150 for 150 recital programme as it now stands. You will be most welcome.

Remember, while we encourage everyone to sign up at their earliest opportunity, you can add your name to the challenge right through 2014 – so you've got plenty of time to make any necessary arrangements relating to the venue and date.

Please note also that the aim of the 150 for 150 Recital Challenge is to bring together as many individual organists as we can in the widest possible celebration of the music we all love. For this reason, we ask that each participating organist registers just a single recital as part of the challenge (although of course we would be delighted if individual organists or venues wanted to dedicate a longer series of recitals to the RCO in its anniversary year. There is advice in our recital pack on how you might do that.)

If you have any questions about the 150 for 150 Challenge, you can email 150for150@rco.org.uk or telephone 05603 460484.

For International / Overseas recitals, please add the country as part of the Venue field below

*If you wish to involve someone who does not or cannot use the internet for any reason, then please ask them to call 05603 460484 and we will then post an entry form to them, and send the subsequent recital pack by post instead of email.




(as much guidance as you can provide; either a full programme or perhaps: "Programme to include music by�.")

By submitting this form, you are applying to take part in the RCO's 150 for 150 Challenge recital programme. As part of this challenge, your recital details will automatically be entered on the main recital programme, which is viewable here and which will be reproduced in the RCO Journal and other places. If you do not wish to receive any additional publicity via the College's various websites, social media outlets and publications,
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