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Whether you are a professional journalist or simply interested in our latest news, welcome to the Royal College of Organists' media centre.

The latest press releases from the College can be found below (for older releases, see our news archive). For media enquiries relating to these items, please contact in the first instance Head of Marketing Marc Sanderson on or 01789 739247.

In addition you will find plenty of updates, information and a wider picture of the College's works elsewhere around this website, especially in our online magazine StopPress.

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News Releases

25th Sep '18
Royal College of Organists appoints Sir Andrew Parmley as Director

The Royal College of Organists is delighted to announce the appointment of Sir Andrew Parmley as its new Director.
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19th Sep '18
Member notice: Changes to the way you log in to College websites

To simplify and improve the process for signing in to RCO websites, we have introduced a new unified log-in system.
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30th Aug '18
RCO Spring/Summer 2018 examination results

The Royal College of Organists has announced the results of its Spring and Summer 2018 accreditation sessions.
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6th Aug '18
Accreditation Update 2019-2020

The RCO Diploma Regulations for 2019–2020 will be published on the 15th of this month, just as the current examination session draws to a close. The Regulations will be available on the ...
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1st Aug '18
RCO announces autumn classes programme

The Royal College of Organists has announced details of its autumn classes programme.
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2nd Jul '18
RCO launches mentoring scheme

The Royal College of Organists has launched a new mentoring scheme designed to give College Members access to informal and confidential support with career-related matters from fellow professionals.
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