Downloads & Streams

Downloads & Streams

Please select from the following downloads. If you cannot download a given document, it may be available to members only (and it will therefore be listed in grey). This includes all examination resources. Please log in to see the full list of documents, or click here for more information about joining the RCO.

In addition to the miscellaneous examination resources available for members to download from this page, further resources for candidates can be found on the Purchase Past Papers page.

Website material previously announced in the RCO Journal and uploaded to this webpage on the topics of Buxtehude and Claviorgans has been moved to the Academic Resources page in the Library area of this website. You will also find the RCO Journal available to download at the same location.

Examination Resources

Examination application form
CAM application form
Guidance Sheet, ARCO, Advice on Regulations from July 2016
Guidance Sheet, FRCO, Advice on Regulations from July 2017
Guidance Sheet, ARCO Paper I Q2, Writing fugal episodes
Diploma Examinations, Reading List (2018)
RCO Diploma Regulations 2019-2020
Guidance Sheet, ARCO 2019-2020, Paper II Q3, Historical Studies
Guidance Sheet, ARCO 2019-2020, Paper II Q4, Set Work(s)
Guidance Sheet, CRCO 2019-2020, Written Paper Q3, Organ Repertoire
Guidance Sheet, FRCO 2019-2020, Paper II Q3, Set Work(s)
Guidance Sheet, FRCO 2019-2020, Paper II Q4, History of Organ Music
Guidance Sheet, FRCO, Written Paper II, Q1 (Aural Perception), extracts from 2001

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