Accredited Institutions

Accredited Institutions RCO Accredited Institutions

Through its Institutional Accreditation Programme the RCO validates and supports courses and tuition at its accredited institutions.

The accreditation programme has been developed to help the College and like-minded institutions to share ideas and approaches to teaching and learning so that high standards in organ playing and choral direction can be maintained.

Accreditation is the formal aspect of a wider partnership between the College and the institutions.

For its part, the College commits to engaging positively in arranging or helping to arrange where possible events, activities, on-site Certificate of Accredited Membership (CAM) examining and other tailored support for organ tuition and choral direction in the institution.

In turn, the institution is expected to encourage engagement with the College, via Affiliate Student memberships, CAM and diploma accreditation, and through participation in events.

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Current RCO Accredited Institutions are:

Royal Hospital School, Holbrook, Ipswich vist website

Royal Hospital School, Holbrook, Ipswich visit website