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Invigorate Your Hymn Playing (Newcastle)

10th September 2022, All Saints Church, Gosforth, West Avenue, NE3 4ES

PlaceFeeNumber of Places RequiredSub Total
Playing, RCO member£40.00£0.00
Playing, NDSO member£20.00£0.00
Playing, non-member£50.00£0.00
Playing, RCO student member£30.00£0.00
Playing, non-member in full time education£40.00£0.00
Observer, RCO member£16.00£0.00
Observer, NDSO member£8.00£0.00
Observer, non-member£20.00£0.00


"I don't know what you did at the Raise Your Game! day, but my student has been TRANSFORMED into an organist!

"He sits with a straight back, looks at his music, takes a deep breath, then launches into his piece with intense concentration, playing the correct rhythm and (mostly) the correct notes. When he makes a mistake, he realises it and corrects it.

"All this as the result of one day under your influence! I am absolutely amazed at the difference.