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Note that the 24-hour clock is used on all event listings. For classes, the following key is used as a guide to level and suitability : Beginner (Grades 1-4); Intermediate (Grades 4-6); Advanced (Grades 6-8 / CRCO); Diploma 1 (CRCO–ARCO); Diploma 2 (ARCO–FRCO); All Standards. For more information on the different types of events organised by the College, click here.


Teach the Organ!—class 6

Saturday 30th May 2020 (11:00 – 14:00)
St Giles Cripplegate Church, Fore Street, Barbican, London EC2Y 8DA

This ground-breaking, comprehensive series of six classes covers key aspects of teaching the organ. The classes will be taught by Anne Marsden Thomas MBE, one of the UK’s most experienced organ teachers. Just six places are available for each three-hour class. Each class is interactive, with time for questions, discussion and teaching practice.

This class, and indeed all the classes in the series, is fully booked. Please click here to email to be added to the waiting list in case of cancellations.

Those who attend may have one or more of the following aims:

Professional work as organ teachers
Seeking accreditation through the RCO accredited-teacher scheme
To take an organ teaching diploma

The classes are organised as follows:

1. 19 October: structuring a course and a lesson; building an organ-teaching practice
2. 26 October: teaching the beginner, including an in-depth study of available tutor books
3. 15 February: teaching technique
4. 4 May (a.m.): repertoire for the student organist
5. 4 May (p.m): teaching a new piece; teaching sight-reading
6. 30 May: teaching registration; teaching the church organist (scroll to the bottom of the page to book)

All run from 11:00–14:00, except for the two on 4 May which are at 10:30–13:30 and 14:30–17:30.

Although RCO accredited teachers must be of at least ARCO playing standard, we recognise that many organists without this or other formal qualifications would like to equip themselves to give lessons or are already teaching, and seek more information or guidance.

Fee: RCO Member £66; RCO Student Member £33; Full time student £38; Others £77. Those who have attended the five previous classes pay no fee for this final class.

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