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Three webinars on the CRCO written paper chorale question

Tuesday 5th May 2020 (20:00 – 21:00)

Are you a candidate for CRCO, considering taking it, or someone, perhaps not an organist, who wishes to expand their understanding of music theory? If so join our new series of free webinars, the first of which are based on the requirements for the CRCO chorale question. These are also suitable for students beginning their preparation for ARCO. The easy-to-use Zoom platform will be used for delivery. 

A small number of places are available for active participants and up to 92 for observers. Please click here to read essential introductory text. 

The following webinars are suitable for students who have reached the standard of least ABRSM grade 6 theory, have some basic understanding of the concepts of figured bass, and some appreciation of the figures themselves for triads and seventh chords, including their inversions and abbreviations.

[Webinar 1,Tuesday 21 April 20:00–21:00 BST: Adding figured bass to harmony; non-harmonic notes.
[Webinar 2, Tuesday 28 April 20:00–21:00 BST: Brief review of submitted work; Adding harmony from a figured bass.]
Webinar 3, Tuesday 5 May 20:00–21:00 BST: Brief review of submitted work: adding harmony at a cadence without figures.

How to book
Click here to send an email, stating the date(s) of the webinar(s) above that you wish to join and saying whether you wish to be an active participant or an observer.
• As we anticipate that demand for active participant places will exceed the number available, those wishing to take part in this way are asked to provide a brief outline of their knowledge in the subject area to be taught, including any individual or group tuition already received, and stating their reasons for wishing to participate actively.
• Requests to join should be received by 16:00 on the day of the webinar.
• Please also state if you wish to join the technical guidance session(s) on the Monday evening before each webinar at 20:00hrs. 
• Bookings for active participants under the age of 18 should come from a parent or guardian who must be present in the same building as the participant at the time of the webinar.

Please note that these webinars will be recorded and may subsequently be made available for general viewing on our iRCO site.

If anything in the above is unclear please first refer to the introductory text - click here to read - and if you still have questions please send an email (

Joining instructions, together with any materials required, will be sent out by email on the Thursday or Friday prior to each webinar. Click here to downlopad advance instruction (as a pdf) of how to join the webinars.

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