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interNational Organ Day + Organ Week (18-24 April)

Sunday 18th April 2021 – Saturday 24th April 2021

interNational Organ Day 2021 (Saturday 24 April) will be the culmination of a week-long online festival for the King of Instruments.

With 2020’s inaugural National Organ Day having been largely cancelled amid the UK’s Covid-19 lockdown, the 2021 celebrations are being designed solely for online participation.

Launching the event, RCO Chief Executive Sir Andrew Parmley said: "The organ is a truly unique and wonderful musical instrument which is inspiring to hear and thrilling to play.

“Sadly, far too few people get the chance to experience this. Long-term trends such as the decline of music education in schools have been compounded dramatically over recent months by the pandemic restrictions which have seen so many instruments fall silent.

“We hope that interNational Organ Day 2021, together with of all the Organ Week events leading up to it, will help to put this right, inspiring a whole new generation of musicians and enthusiasts to embrace the King of Instruments.”  


The entire week will be broadcast online:


What can you tell the world about the experience of being an organist where you live? 

We are looking for contributions from organists around the world to broadcast during interNational Organ Week, which will inspire non-organists to get involved with the instrument and its music.

So tell us the story of your instrument, in your town, village or city; what you love about being an organist, or what a certain piece of organ music means to you.

Contributions can be in the form of a complete short film, but our broadcasters welcome other submissions, such as an audio narrative, or a story told in photos accompanied by a written text.

Remember - we’re not looking for filmed recitals: what we want to convey is the experience and enjoyment of being an organist, in different countries, and within different musical cultures.

The deadine for submissions is 15 March 2021, so do click here to download more details including the technical requirements for films: iNOD Guide to Submissions [pdf]


As well as regular updates here at and on the RCO's own social media channels, there will also be regular updates via the International Organ Day Facebook page at

For any other questions, comments or ideas on interNational Organ Day please email us on 

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