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An introduction to the Tudor organ and its music: a new RCO film, and Q & A with Professor Magnus Williamson

Thursday 20th May 2021 (19:00 – 20:15)

During 2020, the College was delighted to collaborate with the Newcastle and District Society of Organists on the production of a 25-minute film about the Tudor organ and its repertoire.

Magnus Williamson, Professor of Early Music at Newcastle University, is the film’s presenter, and the film features the ‘Wetheringsett Organ’, a ground-breaking reconstruction of a Tudor organ built by the firm Goetze & Gwynn in 2002 (as part of the Early English Organ Project) and now owned by the RCO (along with its smaller cousin, the ‘Wingfield Organ’).

This online event, using Zoom, will comprise a showing of the film and offer ample opportunity to ask Magnus questions about the topics he raises in the film and about his highly acclaimed work in this field. The event is free of charge to members, and is offered as a personal and professional development session.   

The topics covered in The Tudor Organ (which is available for download on iRCO) are fascinating. Magnus discusses issues around the performance of sixteenth-century organ music, including the Tudor choral tradition, the practice of alternatim, organ pitch at the time, and what we know about contemporary performance practice in terms of tempo, articulation and fingering. He has also prepared a list of primary and secondary research sources for students of early English organ music to accompany the film. This also includes a repertoire list. This supporting resource is available for download with the film.  

The College expresses its gratitude to the Newcastle and District Society of Organists for its support in bringing this film project to fruition.  

How to book
• Click here to send an email (, stating that you wish to join this online event.
• Requests to join should be received no later than 13:00 on the day of the session (a reminder that this is Thursday 20th May; April's e-News erroneously gave the date as 19 May).
• Bookings for participants under the age of 18 should come from a parent or guardian who must be present in the same building as the participant at the time of the event.

Please note that this event will be recorded and may subsequently be made available for general viewing on our iRCO site. (Access to all iRCO resources is free to RCO Members. Non-members will be asked to pay to view recorded events of this type.) 

Joining instructions for this event, together with any materials required, will be sent out by email on the Monday or Tuesday prior to the event.   


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