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Improvisation techniques—four linked classes

Wednesday 10th March 2021 (18:00) – Wednesday 31st March 2021 (19:00)

This series of classes is now fully booked. Please click here to send an email to request being added to the waiting list and/or to say that you would be interested in joining a repeat of the classes in the summer term.

This is a repeat, due to popular demand, of the series of improvisation classes presented in January and February.

Don't believe the myth surrounding improvisation that  'you can either do it or you can't'! Drew Cantrill Fenwick's systematic tuition shows that anyone can learn to improvise and that those who already have some experience can easily 'raise their game'. Beginners should be of at least ABRSM grade 4 level in terms of techical fluency, whilst those joining with some experience of improvising should be of at least ABRSM grade 6 standard. Access to an organ is not a requirement of participation—any keyboard will suffice.

The classes take place on Wednesdays 10, 17, 24 and 31 March, 18:00–19:00 (GMT). The following study programme will be followed:

Week 1: Ground Bass and Passacaglia
Exploring varied textures using chordal sequences over a repeating bass line.

Week 2: Solemn Processional
Diatonic improvisation in 18th-century style, with and without a cantus firmus.

Week 3: Prelude
Developing a harmonic vocabulary and harnessing Sonata Form.

Week 4: Postlude
Building confidence in gesture and figuration and planning a celebratory Toccata.

Requirements in order to particpate
• attendance at all four classes
• a commitment to spend a minimum of one hour between classes practising 
• a good broadband connection (ideally wired, but stable wireless if not) and fluency with Zoom technology (see for Zoom system requirements)
• your computer placed next to a piano, organ or any other keyboard
• If aged under 18 a parent, guardian or other trusted adult must be present in the same building for the duration of the class

To maintain the highest quality learning experience, places on each series of classes is strictly limited to 10 participants. Recent experience with RCO online learning suggests there will be high demand for these classes, so please apply quickly if interested.


Fee: £150 (RCO Members); £200 (Non-members)

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