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Note that the 24-hour clock is used on all event listings. For classes, the following key is used as a guide to level and suitability : Beginner (Grades 1-4); Intermediate (Grades 4-6); Advanced (Grades 6-8 / CRCO); Diploma 1 (CRCO–ARCO); Diploma 2 (ARCO–FRCO); All Standards. For more information on the different types of events organised by the College, click here.


Preparing for CRCO, ARCO and FRCO

Saturday 20th June 2020 (10:00 – 17:00)
St Barnabas Church, Calton Avenue, Dulwich, London SE21 7DG

A flexible programme of tuition on the pieces, keyboard skills tests, and the written papers (including aural) for CRCO, ARCO and FRCO. Scroll to the bottom of the page to book on-line.

This is an essential day for those entered for the examinations in July 2020 and will be an informative event for those whose sights are set further ahead. It takes place at the College's London centre for the organ playing component.
Click here for details of the Easter Course, 15–17 April, resident at Merton College Oxford, which offers comprehensive and flexible tuition for those preparing for RCO organ playing diplomas. 

The day offers:
• teachers with extensive experience of RCO examinations
• the chance to share ideas and resources with other candidates and potential candidates
• the option to perform pieces and keyboard skills tests to the group (observers are equally welcome). As time is limited in the CRCO and ARCO session playing opportunties will be allocated in order of booking.
• a flexible timetable allowing those interested in just the playing or written papers to attend for the relevant session(s) at a reduced cost
• the option to book an individual 30-minute aural lesson (CRCO and ARCO only, £12 supplement payable on the day, not at point of booking).

Please note that the Written Paper sessions tend to focus on the Harmony and Counterpoint questions.

tba (pieces and keyboard skills)
tba (written papers)
Simon Williams (aural)

Comments on past Study Days
• An excellent day in Dulwich...All the teaching was first rate.
• Perfect course to prepare for the exam.
• A thoroughly useful day with helpful hints and tips, and a great opportunity to bounce ideas off fellow organists.

09.45           Doors open—refreshments available
10.00-13:00 CRCO and ARCO Pieces and Keyboard Skills (session finishes at 12:00 for CRCO)
10:00-12:00 FRCO Written Papers
12:15-13:00 CRCO Written Paper question 3; FRCO Aural
13.00-13:45 Lunch (not provided)
13:45-17:00 FRCO Pieces and Keyboard skills (with mid-point break)
13:45-15:00 CRCO Written Paper question 2; ARCO Aural
15:00-15:15 Break (CRCO and ARCO)
15:15-16:15 CRCO Aural (day ends for CRCO tuition at 16:15)
15:15-17:00 ARCO Written Papers

Attendance charges
The first figure is for a full day, the second for morning or afternoon attendance only. CRCO students attending only for the written paper sessions (including Question 3 before lunch) pay the half-day rate.
RCO Members £60/£40
RCO Student Members £40/£27
Full time students £47/£34
Others £75/£50
Thirty-minute aural lessons for CRCO and ARCO will be available with Simon Williams at 10:15, 10:45, 11:15 and 11:45 at a cost of £12 pounds each, payable on the day. These will be allocated in order of receipt of booking.

Individual organ and written paper lessons (the latter can be taken by correspondence or Skype) from RCO Academy accredited teachers.
Easter Course, 15–17 April 2020, Oxford, offering comprehensive and flexible tuition to those preparing for or considering RCO organ playing diplomas, together with a repertoire study strand for those who play to diploma standard.
iRCO virtual learning environment includes many useful helpsheets and short films

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