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RCO Certificate of Accredited Membership (CAM)

The RCO Certificate of Accredited Membership (CAM) is an early-level certificate scheme designed to establish and strengthen fundamental skills and musicianship at the organ.

CAM offers the organist a developmental route from the foundation stage (equivalent to around ABRSM/TCL Grade 2) via the intermediate stage (around Grade 4) to the advanced stage (around Grade 6). Each stage of the CAM scheme requests the performance of three solo pieces and asks the player to demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the repertoire performed through supporting programme notes. Stages 2 and 3 also request the performance of an accompaniment.

The CAM scheme is part of the RCO’s Personal and Professional Development (PPD) programme and has the following advantages:

Click on the following links to learn more about CAM and how you can follow the scheme:   

CAM, Requirements Stages 1–3
CAM, General Regulations
CAM, Repertoire Ideas Stages 1–3
CAM, Assessment Criteria Stages 1–3
CAM, Application Form 
Guidelines on Submitting AV and Digitised Material for Assessment
Authentication Form for Submitting Material for Assessment


Figures in brackets give the rates for students.

There are three options for the assessment of the Practical Module (Solo Pieces and Accompaniment, per Stage): 

Assessment by audio-visual submission £63 (£49)
Assessment at an RCO examination centre £99 (£80)
Assessment at a site of the candidate’s choosing £120 (£99)*

*Subject to feasibility. This option will be discussed with the candidate.

Assessment of the Supporting Portfolio (per Stage):

£40 (£28)


Various types of support suitable for CAM may be found through the RCO website: