Schedules & Locations

Schedules & Locations

The examinations for the Certificate and for the Associateship and Fellowship Diplomas are held in January and July each year. The examinations for the Licentiateship in Teaching and the Choral Directing Diploma are held in October.

This page contains details of relevant dates and venues for the current academic year(s).

Application Deadlines

For application deadlines 2016–2017 click here.

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Timetables for Written Examinations

For the written examinations timetable 2016–2017 click here.

For the written examinations timetable 2017–2018 click here.

Timetable for Practical Examinations (Organ Playing and Keyboard Skills)

January 2017

Huddersfield: 5 and 6 January 2017

London St Barnabas (CertRCO and FRCO): 16, 17, 19 January 2017
London St Barnabas (ARCO): 30, 31 January and 2 February 2017
Please note that depending on numbers, ARCO may also be examined in the first week.

Examination Organs

Specifications of the examination organs may be downloaded by clicking on these links: