International Organ Day

International Organ Day 2024

International Organ Day returns on Saturday 20 April 2024, encouraging organists around the world to celebrate the organ and organ music.

A day of celebration

International Organ Day is promoted by The Royal College of Organists (RCO) to encourage people to explore and enjoy organ music, seek out performances, and support the development of new generations of musicians and enthusiasts.

Get involved

At the heart of International Organ Day is the invitation to throw open venue doors and welcome the world in, to hear your music and explore the instrument. Organists around the world are encouraged to hold open days, 'play the organ' events, school visits and special performances to showcase the very best that the organ has to offer.

The following resources are provided free of charge for the organisers of International Organ Day events on, are around, Saturday 20 April 2024. If you have any questions about these resources or their correct use, please contact

How to tell people about the organ (PDF guide) DOWNLOAD

Poster template (A3 Word file) DOWNLOAD
Poster template (A4 Word file) DOWNLOAD
Poster template (A5 Word file) DOWNLOAD

Film guides and resources (YouTube playlist) VISIT WWW.RCO.ORG.UK/RCOFILMS

You can download the logo in a number of formats for use in your own International Organ Day events and activities. Please note that this logo should only be used in conjunction with International Organ Day events, and its use does not imply official endorsement or approval by the RCO  of any such event or activity.


An 'Explore Further' leaflet is also available here, providing more information about the organ and what people might do next to get more involved. This double-sided A4 sheet is designed primarily  for  event organisers to download, print and distribute at their events or, for example, to attach to any post-event emails.


Join in online

Organists around the world join International Organ Day through their social media accounts, sharing messages, photos and footage of performances, their favourite instruments or simply to wish everyone Happy International Organ Day.

You can use the hashtag #InternationalOrganDay on any social media platform, find International Organ Day on Facebook at @InternationalOrganDay and join the conversation on Facebook, @rcoorgan day on X (formerly Twitter) and (for the first time in 2024) Instagram!

The story of International Organ Day

The first International Organ Day was announced for April 2020; in the event, the unfolding tragedy of the Covid pandemic put paid to any plans for that year. In April 2021, with the pandemic and lockdown restrictions still affecting everyday life around the world, the RCO was finally able to launch International Organ Day properly via The Organ Show, a full week of programmes allowing tens of thousands of organ enthusiasts around the world to be part of a global celebration on this special day. 

The Organ Show came back for a one-off show on International Organ Day 2022, and went live in front of an audience for the first time in 2023 (all episodes of The Organ Show are still available for catch up viewing at

In 2021, at the launch of our very first International Organ Day, His Majesty The King (then HRH The Prince of Wales) wrote: “As Patron of many church conservation charities, I have a great interest in this “Wondrous Machine”, as Henry Purcell described the organ so memorably in his “Hail! Bright Cecilia”.

“Its playing has been central to important national events for longer than any of us can remember. Therefore, I hope the forthcoming broadcasts will prove immensely enjoyable and that they may inspire some to consider taking lessons, as it is vital that we continue to produce the players who can ensure that the many splendid instruments with which this country is blessed can delight us in years to come.”

The real driving force of International Organ Day is the organists who take part around the world, organising their own events, taking to social media or doing whatever else they are able to celebrate our music, reach out to people, and help inspire a new generation to embrace the King of Instruments.

So a huge thank you to everyone who has organised, taken part in, or simply enjoyed, events and activities for International Organ Day. Judging by the sheer volume of social media posts, hundreds of organists around the world have previously marked this occasion with recitals, come-and-play events, sponsored performances, and even a world record attempt! Many simply take the opportunity to share photographs, recordings, and ‘happy International Organ Day’ wishes online.

O the hundreds of messages shared in previous years, this one from @Troyvisitor on Twitter captures nicely the spirit of celebration:

My father was an organist so today is a good day on which to remember him, and to give thanks for all organists, organ builders and organ music, and the joy they’ve brought over the centuries. #internationalorganday

For enquires and questions about International Organ Day, please contact