The College produces a number of its own publications through the course of the year, both online and in print.

RCO Journal

The RCO Journal is the College’s annual research publication. It features articles and reviews about organ and choral repertoire, topics concerning performance practice and interpretation, and organ and choral pedagogy.

Complete editions of The Journal, as well as individual papers, can be found by logging in to the College's virtual campus, iRCO. Digital downloads are free to College Members; guest users will be charged £7.99 for a complete edition or £2.49 for an individual article.

Members can also request an annual printed copy of The Journal by emailing or calling 05600 767208.

Additional copies and back issues of RCO Journal (first series 1993–1996, and second series from 2007), and the RCO Yearbook (1999/2000–2004/2005), may be obtained from the RCO library manager at or 0121 331 7266. Additional copies and back issues are priced £11.99 for non-members, and £9.99 for members of the RCO and partner organisations including the Institute of Organ Builders (IBO) and Incorporated Society of Musicians (ISM).

RCO News

The College’s a bi-annual newsletter contains features, details of forthcoming events and courses, and general news and views from the RCO. It is sent free of charge to Members. Contact the editor of RCO News at

Articles from RCO News are often made available via iRCO.

RCO e-News & e-Diary

Our monthly e-newsletters brings the latest College news, updates and listings direct to Members’ inboxes. To subscribe to College communications, to change an existing email address on our mailing list, or to unsubscribe from College emails, please click here

You can contact the editor of RCO e-News at


Launched at the beginning of 2016, our new virtual campus iRCO contains a vast array of learning, professional, archival, scholarly and more general information for organists and choral directors. Read more.