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RCO classes can be booked using the online form below (see the Courses & Classes page for more details on each of these events).

All players are welcome, regardless of age or aspiration: you don't have to be a member of the RCO, or be having lessons with an RCO accredited teacher, to attend one of these classes.

Please note that most sessions are limited to 6 active participants, to maximise hands-on tuition. However, when a class is fully booked, we will hold a waiting list in case of any cancellations, and may also take observers, run a second class on the same day or schedule another class at a later date if circumstances permit.

If observer places are listed below as being available, then you can book those using our online booking system.

Alternatively, please email in the first instance if:

Anyone not wanting to book online should telephone our Bookings Department on 020 3865 6998.

Please note times (the 24-hour clock is used). All prices quoted are inclusive of VAT @ 20%

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Date of EventTitle of ClassPlayerNon PlayerSub Total
12th October 2019 18:30 Performance class
Learn how to project your performance in a large space. For players of grade 6 level to advanced.
Member £56.00
Non-member £67.00
2nd November 2019 11:00 From Rococo to Romanticism
Perform English organ music from the late 18th to mid-19th centuries on a rare survivor from the period. For grade 5 level and above.
Member £56.00
Non-member £67.00
9th November 2019 11:00 Touch and Technique
Have a technique make-over under expert tuition on an organ with refined mechanical action and beautiful voicing. For grade 5 to advanced students.
Member £66.00
Non-member £77.00
16th November 2019 11:00 William Walond and his English Contemporaries
Explore the music of Oxford-born composer William Walond, the 300th anniversary of whose birth falls in 2019, together with that of his contemporaries. For grade 5 level and above.
Member £56.00
Non-member £67.00
30th November 2019 14:00 Console Management
Tips on building seamless crescendi and diminuendi by the addition and subtraction of stops and use of the swell pedals.
Member £66.00
Non-member £77.00
7th December 2019 14:00 Bach's Feet
Experience the thrill of playing exuberant repertoire on the newest Cathedral organ in the country, with expert tutor Christopher Stokes.
Member £47.00
Non-member £57.00