Musicians' Union

Musicians' Union

The RCO delivers career development and professional support in partnership with the Musicians’ Union (MU).

Through our joint membership offer, RCO members can join the MU at 50% of the usual subscription rate.

This reduction means that organists and choral directors can hold joint RCO and MU membership at the same price as a standard MU subscription. This ‘2-for-1’ offer provides exceptional ongoing value for our members and access to many important benefits including:

Musicians' Union represents more than 30,000 members working right across the music industry, standing up for employed and self-employed musicians working in every area of the UK music industry, including music education. It works to maximise the employment and overall income of musicians as well as protecting and improving working conditions. Its compelling package of membership benefits includes insurance, legal support, financial advice and more.

As well as supporting our members more effectively, we believe that our partnership with the MU also provides the College with a more prominent and effective voice for advocacy, as we continue with our founders’ mission – as relevant today as it ever was – of elevating and advancing the professional status of organists and choral directors.

To find out more about this offer, to take out a joint membership of the Musicians' Union, or to apply the new discount to an existing MU subscription, visit