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RCO Organ Forum with the Cinema Organ Society: The Organist Entertains - exploring the world of light organ music

Saturday 7th January 2017 (10:00 – 17:00)
Troxy, Commercial Road, London E1 0HX

The 2017 RCO Organ Forum turns its attention to the fascinating and diverse world of light organ music.

We partner with the Cinema Organ Society and its recently restored Wurlitzer organ, the largest in Europe, for an exploration of musical styles and playing techniques ranging from the likes of Percy Whiltock and Eric Coates, to the American Songbook and, of course, improvised music for silent films.

Specialisation in or a preference for a particular musical style is perhaps a phenomenon of the mid to late twentieth century. Classically trained young musicans of today are likely to have Björk and Radiohead on their ipods alongside Beethoven and Brahms. Turning the clock back to the first half of the twentieth century organists such as Percy Whitlock and Norman Cocker were equally at home as composers and performers at the consoles of cathedral,
town hall and theatre organs.

This event, led by a modern day-example of such versatility, Richard Hills FRCO, is aimed at all organists who would like to broaden or deepen their knowledge. Scroll to the bottom of this page to book on-line.

TIMETABLE (Revised 15.12.16)
10:00 Doors open (tea and coffee served)
10:30 Richard Hills introduces us to the building and the history of its organ, with a rank-by-rank demonstration

11:00 Ian Bell describes the theatre organ aesthetic from an organ building perspective
11:30 Richard Hills and Simon Gledhill reveal how the sound world of the theatre organ is created
12:00 Break (tea and coffee served)
12:30 Lunchtime concert introduced and played by Richard Hills
13:30 Lunch (not provided but coffee and tea will be available)
14:30 Richard Hills demonstrates how to make your own musical arrangement 
15:00 Richard Hills talks about organists such as Norman Cocker, Reginald Foort, Quentin Maclean and Percy Whitlock, early 'crossover' artists on the organ
15:30 Break

15:45 Donald MacKenzie talks about and demonstrates the art of playing for silent films
16:30 Plenary session and closing music
16:45 Closing music

17:00 End of Forum

19:30 Optional evening concert performed by Simon Gledhill (end c. 21:30)


Please note that the combined Forum and Evening Concert ticket, which offers a discounted rate for the concert, is bookable until Wednesday 4 January. Thereafter, the Forum remains bookable until Friday 6 January. Tickets for the evening concert, at full price, will be available at the door.
Students in full time education can attend the Forum free of charge but should click here to send an email in advance to secure their free place. 
£35 Forum only (RCO and COS members)
£40 Forum only (others)
£45 Forum plus evening concert (RCO and COS members) This ticket is no longer available. If you want to attend the evening concert you are asked book through the Troxy website (see below) and pay the full price.
£50 Forum plus evening concert (others) This ticket is no longer available. If you want to attend the evening concert you are asked book through the Troxy website (see below) and pay the full price.

You can book your place online at the Book Online link below. Note there is a saving on the cost of the ticket for the evening concert for those also attending the Forum.

Those, including full time students, who wish only to attend the evening concert and not the Forum, should book their tickets through the Troxy website.

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