Member notice: Changes to the way you log in to College websites

Member notice: Changes to the way you log in to College websites

To simplify and improve the process for signing in to RCO websites, we have introduced a new unified log-in system.

The new unified log-in will replace the previous split system, whereby College Members have until now used their membership number + password to log in at, but an email address + password to log in to the iRCO virtual campus.

Replacing this split system with a single unified log-in will ensure a more robust, secure and user friendly experience for all College members.

How it works

From today (Wednesday 19th September) you can now log in to the RCO website at using either your member number (as before) or your registered email address. If you haven’t yet added an email address to your member details, we would encourage you to do so now (remember, you will need a registered email address to access iRCO as a member).

This means that you can now use this same email address as your username at both and

In addition, the new system means you can also switch to having a single password that works on both sites.

To switch to a single unified password, you need only change your password on one or the other sites. There are four ways you can do this:
• Sign in to the Member Area, click Change Details, and choose your new password at the bottom of that page.
• Sign in to, click My Account (top right), and choose your new password there.
• Visit the sign in page at and click Forgot Password. This will send you an email with a link, allowing you to select a new password (which will become your password for both sites)
• Visit the sign in page at and follow the same process.

Please remember, for this to work you must have an email address registered on your RCO member account and be using that same email address to sign in to iRCO as a member (rather than guest user).

This simple process should only take a few moments, but if you have any queries or problems while switching to a unified log-in you should contact our administration team in the first instance, on or 020 3865 6998.

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