Early English Organ Project moves to St Paul's

Early English Organ Project moves to St Paul's

The RCO Early English Organ Project organs are now resident in St Paul’s Cathedral until December 2008. 

The larger Wetheringsett organ will be located in the Quire, and the smaller Wingfield organ in the Crypt. 

The Wetheringsett organ will be featured most Saturdays during Evensong (Music Lists available at www.stpauls.co.uk),  and both instruments will be the focus of regular music workshops in conjunction with the Cathedral's Education Department. 

The centrepiece of their residency will be the sixth annual London Organ Forum, a study day entitled ‘The Mulliner Book and the birth of English organ music’. Presentations will be given by Patrick Russill, Jane Flynn and Andrew Carwood.  For further information about tickets, please visit www.londonorganforum.com. The day will conclude with a free recital at 16.30 featuring the Wetheringsett organ and the Grand Organ, preceding Evensong at 17.00 sung by the Cathedral Choir, and featuring the Wetheringsett organ.

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