RCO St Giles event draws organists from four continents

RCO St Giles event draws organists from four continents

Next week (August 3rd to 8th) sees a unique event in the organ calendar taking place across the City of London.

The RCO St Giles Summer Course for Organists will see a total of 76 organists travelling from four continents to spend a week receiving expert tuition and advice on 27 different organs – all within one week and all within the Square Mile.

Course Director Anne Marsden Thomas explained: “The enduring appeal of the Summer Course is the simple fact that it is a wonderful celebration of the organ, its music and the sheer diversity of people around the world who play it.

“We believe it is unique in terms of the breadth of its appeal, the loyalty of its following, and the number of people gathering in one place to learn by playing.

“This year we are delighted to have organists young and old travelling to London from four continents and eight countries, including Hong Kong, South Africa, the United States, Belgium and Germany.”

By providing at least seven study levels, the week-long event caters for a wide range of organists, whether amateur or professional; beginner or advanced; parish organist or recitalist.

The week features a mix of masterclasses, informal learning groups, concerts, workshops, visits and daily services – more than 70 separate group events in all, plus the individual lessons and daily access to practice organs.

Masterclass repertoire will be based around Mendelssohn’s organ works and will include music by the predecessors who influenced him, the successors whom he influenced, and his contemporaries in England and Germany who worked alongside him.

And this huge event reaches its conclusion on Saturday 8th August at St Giles Cripplegate Church, Fore Street, Cripplegate, with the best of the students playing in the daily service at 9.15am and in a special concert at 11.15am.

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