RCO and BIOS combine for Easter events

RCO and BIOS combine for Easter events

Easter 2010 will provide a unique opportunity for organists to discuss the future of the organ, organ music and playing as two major organisations hold events alongside each other in the same Oxford college.

Up to 100 organists are expected to come together for the two events at Merton College in Oxford from April 15th to 18th.

The British Institute of Organ Studies (BIOS) will be holding the fourth and final conference in its series on the British Organ, looking at The British Organ in the Twentieth Century and Beyond.

And to coincide with the conference, the Royal College of Organists (RCO) has moved its traditional Easter Course from Cambridge to Oxford, with an event which is designed to help anyone preparing for the College’s CertRCO, ARCO and FRCO examinations.

As well as sharing residence at Merton College, the two courses will come together for evening talks and post dinner recitals, featuring RCO President David Sanger and Anne Page. There will also be informal opportunities for attendees at both events to dip into each others’ programmes.

Director of RCO Academy Simon Williams said: “With some careful planning and co-ordination between the RCO and BIOS we have been able to create a very special opportunity for next Easter. There should be something at the two events for just about anyone involved with the organ and organ music.”

And Katharine Pardee from BIOS added: “As well as the formal integration of the two events through joint lectures and recitals, we’re sure that by having so many organists in one place at the same time there will be plenty of opportunities for informal but fascinating interchange between everyone attending.”

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