Examination Regulations 2011-2012 and new repertoire lists from July 2011

Examination Regulations 2011-2012 and new repertoire lists from July 2011

The College’s examination regulations for July 2011 to January 2012 have been published on the RCO website at: www.rco.org.uk/examinations.php

Application deadlines, examination timetables, and fee schedules for examination year 2011–2012 may also be found in these regulations.

New examination repertoire lists at CertRCO, ARCO and FRCO from July 2011

New repertoire lists for the organ playing parts of all Practical Examinations, commissioned by the College’s Academic Board, are published in the new regulations for first examination in July 2011. Patrick Russill, the RCO’s Chief Examiner, writes:

"This year new organ playing repertoire lists at CertRCO, ARCO and FRCO have been introduced. We very much hope that candidates’ enthusiasm and imagination will be fired by the wonderful stylistic breadth of the classic organ repertoire contained in these new lists, with works familiar and less familiar and over a wide range of technical difficulty."

More comment on the new lists will appear in January’s RCO News and Members are referred to study events in RCO Academy designed to introduce the new lists.

In conjunction with the revision to repertoire lists it is also announced that general pistons will be allowed in all organ playing examinations from July 2011 (previously only FRCO candidates were able to use them). It may also be noted that in July 2011 only, candidates re-taking the organ playing part of a Practical Examination may choose some or all of their examination pieces from the previous lists (i.e. those stipulated until January 2011). If a candidate wishes to exercise this concession they must notify the College at the time of their application.

RCO Examinations

Recent years have seen continuing development and refinement of the College’s examination syllabuses by the College’s Academic Board, which consists of leading practitioners and teachers working in the school, university and conservatoire sectors.

Last year a number of welcome changes were introduced. The conditional marking strictures in organ playing and keyboard skills (by which it was previously possible for a candidate to achieve an aggregate pass mark, but still fail) were removed: a simple aggregate pass mark is required. All papers at ARCO, FRCO and DipCHD are now separately passable and re-sittable.

As a result, the ARCO paperwork tasks were re-ordered with a revised schedule of marks. At DipCHD the Viva Voce was deleted and the exemption of ARCO and FRCO diploma holders from the Chorale/Counterpoint question in Paper II was removed, placing all candidates on an equal footing.

Also, a new, complete series of examination criteria was introduced two years ago, with improved focus and clearer indications of artistic and technical priorities.

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