Summer events offer 'something for all'

Summer events offer 'something for all'

The Royal College of Organists is holding two major events during summer 2011.

The ever-popular RCO St Giles Summer Course for Organists is a truly unique event in the organ calendar.

Taking place from 1st to 6th August in the City of London, it will welcome up to 75 organists of all standards for a mix of masterclasses, informal learning groups, concerts, workshops, visits and daily services – more than 70 separate group events in all, plus the individual lessons and daily access to practice organs.

This course is known by its many regular attendees as ‘the big event with the personal touch’ because it combines the social opportunities and fun of a major group event with a high level of personal tuition, encouragement and one-to-one attention.

As such, it is suitable for any organist, whether professional, beginner, church organist, self-taught, examination candidate or recreational player.

Meanwhile in Oxford, The Organ Scholar Experience will run from 2nd to 7th August. This event will be tailored specifically for those preparing for, or considering, organ scholarships at universities, cathedrals and churches.

RCO Academy Director Simon Williams said: “Together these two flagship events ensure there are outstanding opportunities for anyone hoping to use their summer break to improve their playing, find new inspiration, or to prepare themselves for the next stage of their musical journey.”

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