Haarlem International Organ Festival - call for memorabilia

Haarlem International Organ Festival - call for memorabilia

Call from Haarlem:

On the occasion of the 50th edition of the Haarlem International Organ Festival in July 2014 an English-language book will be published by Musikverlag Dr. J. Butz (Bonn). Prominent authors from a number of countries will write on many aspects of ‘Haarlem’ – the town, its organs, the competition, the summer academy – and on more general matters concerning the organ and its repertoire. The chief editor is Paul Peeters (Göteborg).

Since the very first improvisation competition in 1951 and the first summer academy in 1955, many thousands of young organists have visited the Haarlem festival. A considerable amount of memorabilia is probably spread around the world – documents, photographs and suchlike - that could be of significance for the anniversary publication. If you have such material in your possession you are kindly invited to email the festival secretary Stephen Taylor via without delay.

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