Catherine Ennis begins term as President of Royal College of Organists

Catherine Ennis begins term as President of Royal College of Organists

Catherine Ennis, Director of Music at the City of London church of St. Lawrence Jewry, has begun her term as President Elect of the Royal College of Organists (RCO).

Catherine will serve as President from 1st July 2013 to 30th June 2015, a period which will embrace the College’s 150th anniversary celebrations throughout 2014.

Catherine began her career as Organ Scholar at St. Hugh’s College, Oxford, and later Assistant Organist of Christ Church Cathedral.

Her subsequent career as recitalist and recording artist has taken her to many international venues; as a teacher, she has been involved with three major London Music conservatoires, and with St. Giles International Organ School.

She has given masterclasses throughout the UK and abroad, and is a frequent examiner and adjudicator for colleges and festivals.

As fundraiser, and organ consultant, she has helped create three other London organs – The Rieger at St. Marylebone shared with the Royal Academy of Music; the Klais at St. Lawrence Jewry; and the William Drake in the new Greenwich home of Trinity College of Music. In 1994, Catherine established the London Organ Concerts Guide.

Under Catherine’s direction, part of the flourishing Tuesday lunchtime recital series at St. Lawrence Jewry is devoted to providing a platform for young artists at the organ, whether sixth-formers, young British graduands, or international post-graduates.

She is Director of the John Hill memorial recitals, Chairman of the Sam Baker Trust, Trustee of the Nicholas Danby Trust for young organists and Past President of the Incorporated Association of Organists.

She said: “Serving as President of the College is a great honour, and I’m enormously proud to be following a long line of wonderful past presidents, not least my immediate predecessor James O’Donnell.

“James’s enthusiasm, ability and advocacy for the College and its work have been sources of great inspiration as I have served alongside him as President Elect.
“I am extremely conscious of the period through which I will serve, with the 150th anniversary being a milestone upon which I think generations of College Members, musicians and benefactors, can look with great pride and satisfaction.

“Through a range of special events and activities, I know that we are all looking forward not just to reflecting on past achievements, but also to celebrating the extraordinary achievements of the present era and to building the strongest possible platform for the continuation of our work for many more years to come.

“It would be lovely to think that ‘our’ 150th anniversary celebrations will prove to be just another milestone, this time on the way to a bi- or tri-centennial celebration long after we’re gone!”

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