RCO launches iRCO for online learning and research

RCO launches iRCO for online learning and research

The Royal College of Organists has launched iRCO, an innovative virtual campus designed to provide easy access to learning, research and general information for organists and choral directors.

Launched under the banner ‘the first stop for every organist’, iRCO contains a wide range of learning content, professional support, archival and scholarly material, plus general interest information for musicians of all ages and levels of attainment and experience.

The material includes videos, sound files, articles and documents, images and detailed signposting to further resources wherever relevant.
Alongside this growing body of resources, iRCO also features its own online magazine, StopPress, and a comprehensive events and recitals diary to which registered users can upload their own events.

RCO Chief Executive Philip Meaden said: “This is an important and exciting new service for organists and choral directors everywhere.
“It means that wherever you are in the world, you can now access via your computer, tablet or smartphone a wealth of information which is useful and relevant to you and your own requirements.

“The demand for online learning was clear from our recent survey. This is an important first step in that direction, and we will continue to invest in new content and online services over the coming months and years.”

Among its many features, iRCO has been designed to be fully searchable and responsive to the needs of every user. This includes learning from previous visits and searches in order to suggest ever-more relevant content to users.

All iRCO content is free to RCO members, but not non-members can also register to free guest access to iRCO, which will allow them to read StopPress, the events and recitals calendar, and a wide range of open access learning materials.

For more information about iRCO and how to log in, visit www.rco.org.uk/irco.php

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