RCO introduces first webinar series for online learning

RCO introduces first webinar series for online learning

As part of our commitment to replacing content from cancelled or postponed classes and courses with online alternatives, the RCO has announced its first series of webinars.

This new initiative will begin with a series of one-hour webinars on Tuesday evenings at 20:00. These will be free of charge during the Covid-19 lockdown, and we hope to publish them subsequently in our iRCO virtual campus.

The series will be led by Dr Frederick Stocken and will look at questions from the written papers for CRCO, ARCO and FRCO. These will provide essential tuition for those entered for the Diplomas in the near future as well as most useful instruction for those not yet ready to enter or who have a more general interest.

Each topic will be explored through a number of weekly classes, with the sequence of topics being as follows:

- Bach chorales: CRCO, but also suitable for students beginning to study for ARCO (3 classes)
- 16th-century counterpoint: ARCO (2 classes)
- Bach chorales: ARCO (3 three classes)
- Fugal techniques: ARCO, but also suitable for students beginning to study for FRCO (3 classes)
- 18th-century counterpoint: ARCO (2 classes)- Fugue: FRCO (2 classes)

There will be places for up to six active participants on each webinar, with 92 places for observers available. The webinars will be delivered using Zoom Webinar software which is downloaded to your device when you log-in to join the webinar. A short familiarisation session will be available on the Monday evening prior to each webinar at 20:00 for those active participants wishing to have some technical guidance.

Active participants will be able to ask questions at designated points in each webinar and will be invited to email examples of their work to Frederick Stocken after each session. Whilst such work will not be marked or corrected, as would be the case for one-to-one tuition, Dr Stocken will address points arising from submissions at the start of the next webinar within each topic area.

Observers will be able to type questions during webinars using Zoom’s Chat function. These questions will moderated and referred to Dr Stocken if deemed useful to the webinar and as time allows.

Registration arrangements and other webinar details will be published next week on our Events page here, and publicised via our weekly Covid-19 editions of RCO e-Diary (you can sign up for RCO e-Diary for free at www.rco.org.uk/email_preferences.php if you do not already receive it).

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