RCO examination schedule update announced

RCO examination schedule update announced

The RCO has published a further update on the current examination session.

We have concluded, reluctantly, that there are still too many uncertainties over a practical examination session in September/October to allow us to proceed with this option. We would need to have practice time confirmed around now in order to give candidates sufficient notice, but the venue situation remains unclear and we do not feel that it is fair to candidates to proceed any further without a concrete proposal in place.

With this in mind, we are introducing interim regulations which will permit the online submission of Organ Pieces and Keyboard Skills tests for the current session. Full details will be published shortly, but in brief this will allow candidates (if they so choose) to record their pieces and/or tests on any suitable instrument which is safely accessible to them (including a digital organ or Hauptwerk setup) and to submit the recording(s) to the College for assessment.

The deadline for submission of recordings will be Thursday 10 September. Keyboard Skills tests will be issued in a slightly revised format on Wednesday 9 September with submission required within 24 hours. Candidates will be asked to declare by Friday 14 August whether they wish to elect for the Audio-Visual (AV) option. Those who do not wish to use the AV option will be welcome to sit in the next practical examination session, which we are currently expecting to offer in the usual way in January.

Full information and the revised Interim Regulations will be published on Monday 20 July.

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