RCO Examination update for Winter (January) 2021

RCO Examination update for Winter (January) 2021

The application deadline for the Winter (January) 2021 diploma examination session is 23:59 on Friday 16 October.

The Summer 2020 session went ahead for Practical Examination candidates in early September under Interim Regulations; these regulations have allowed those who wished to proceed (rather than wait for assessment at an examination centre) to submit their organ pieces and keyboard skills tests in audio-visual (AV) form for 'remote assessment'. The Interim Regulations, drawn up in response to the Covid-19 pandemic, are being offered once again for the Winter 2021 session. The Interim Regulations will also be broadened to encompass the written examinations.

The ongoing uncertainty caused by Covid-19 and the associated restrictions mean that the College can offer remote assessment only in the Winter 2021 session. The College is monitoring the situation closely and reviews its delivery of the accreditation programme on a regular basis.

Please apply in the usual way, by the 16 October deadline, through our online booking system. Click here to book your examination. Remember, to book your examination online you must be signed in as a Member. Although it is irrelevant, you must choose either London or Huddersfield in order to allow the booking process to proceed.

The Diploma Regulations July 2020-January 2021 may be downloaded here (links to PDF download). The above-mentioned Interim Regulations for Practical Examinations by Remote Assessment and Protocol for AV Submission of Diploma Practical Examinations can be downloaded from this page: scroll down to Examination Resources to view the files (Member login required).

The Interim Regulations for Written Examinations by Remote Assessment will be made available in the Examination Resources section shortly.

Candidates are additionally asked to note the following:

• The examination regulations have been altered to allow the candidates who (1) entered all sections in Summer 2020 (‘complete-entry candidates’), (2) proceeded with the Summer 2020 Practical Examination by remote assessment, and (3) are still expecting to take the written examination in Winter 2021, to remain eligible for prizes.
• Any candidates who entered in Summer 2020 but who did not opt for remote assessment are most welcome (but not obliged) to opt for remote assessment under the Interim Regulations in Winter 2021. Please contact andrew.macintosh@rco.org.uk to arrange. (Eligibility for prizes will be extended to any complete-entry candidates in Summer 2020 who now wish to be assessed remotely in Winter 2021.)
• If candidates wish to defer in full to the Summer (July) 2021 or the Winter (January) July 2022 session, the College will arrange this free of charge.
• For any candidate who defers, existing exemptions will also be deferred accordingly so that there is no disadvantage.
• The 'old' repertoire lists (from the Diploma Regulations dating up to, and including, Winter 2020) may be used up to, and no later than, the Winter 2022 session.
• The College will carry forward all the written paper history topics and set works published for Summer 2020/Winter 2021 by one year, to Summer 2021/Winter 2022.
• Any member who has applied and is yet to be examined may withdraw their application and apply for a full refund.

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