Royal College of Organists and Musicians’ Union launch new partnership

Royal College of Organists and Musicians’ Union launch new partnership

The Royal College of Organists (RCO) and the Musicians’ Union (MU) have announced a new partnership to deliver services and support for organists and choral directors.

The partnership will see the two organisations working together on new and existing services, creating an integrated package of support covering everything from learning and accreditation to career development, legal advice, financial matters and more.

The new arrangement includes a joint membership offer through which full members of the RCO can join the MU with a 50% discount on the annual subscription. See for more details.

RCO Chief Executive Sir Andrew Parmley said: “When the Royal College of Organists was founded in 1864 it was for the purpose of elevating and advancing the professional status of organists. It is very much in that spirit that we are excited to be entering into partnership with the Musicians’ Union.

“The working life of organists and choral directors takes many forms: it can be full-time, part-time or occasional; it can be as cathedral organists, directors of music, parish organists, music teachers, recitalists, and so much more.

“By entering this partnership with the MU we are creating a single offer to give all our members the complete range of services and support that they might need to fulfil their professional potential.”

MU General Secretary Horace Trubridge said: “We’re proud of the MU’s collaborative spirit, and its mission to support musicians across the UK’s varied musical landscape.

“For over 128 years we’ve stood behind musicians and that’s why through this partnership with the RCO we’ll help organists and choral directors pursue their passions with a peace of mind that only MU membership gives.

“To ensure their professional growth Joint Members will have access to our numerous benefits including legal and financial advice, a vast network of musicians, and of course public liability insurance. Moreover, we look forward to strengthening our partnership with the RCO.”

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