New Directory of Members published

New Directory of Members published

The Royal College of Organists has published its latest Directory of Members for 2006-2007.

The directory can now be found online in the Download section of the RCO website.

Members are asked to note that the directory is a formatted print-out of the membership database, which they may at any time access and modify (RCO qualifications excepted) through the website, or by ringing or emailing the RCO office.

The accuracy of the directory, and the details of individual entries, depend on members keeping their personal information up to date. Members can view and update their entry, or opt-out of inclusion in the directory, by logging on to the membership database via the RCO website.

Guidance is given on the appropriate webpage for the entry of qualifications and appointments. The College currently requests that Members restrict such entries to state, military and religious honours, and academic degrees. College diplomas (incl. ADCM) are recorded automatically and in this list appear first in an entry. However, where Members have added additional information about their qualifications this has been retained on both the database and in this list. Only specific appointments have been listed; general statements such as ‘freelance organist in the London area’ have been deleted from this printing.

All changes made by Members to the database will be incorporated in the next publication of the directory of members.

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