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Towards CRCO and ARCO Keyboard Skills—five linked online classes

Monday 1st November 2021 (18:00) – Monday 29th November 2021 (19:00)

Take manageable steps towards the keyboard skills of CRCO and ARCO in small online classes led by Anne Marsden Thomas, and Frederick Stocken. Throughout the series there will be classes running simultaneously at different levels, enabling participants to transfer to a different standard if necessary. Bookings must be for a complete series of five classes. Each class begins at 18:00hrs and ends at 19:00hrs (GMT). Dates: Mondays 1, 8, 15, 22, 29 November, 18:00–19:00hrs GMT.

This course is based on the teachers’ popular books Graded Keyboard Musicianship Book 1 (OUP, 2017) and Graded Keyboard Musicianship Book 2 (OUP 2017) . All participants must have the relevant volume for their level. Book 1 covers Levels 1–5; Book 2 covers Levels 6–8. Tuition for Levels 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8 will be offered.

The bite-size exercises are finely graded and the book’s accompanying text guides your practice between classes. Expect to progress in the following five skills:
• harmonizing at the keyboard
• transposing
• figured bass
• score-reading
• improvising

All participants will be able to play throughout each class, either to the group or muted while others play. Everyone will be visible on screen and will be able to ask questions at any time. We believe that developing skills in all areas helps you develop confidence in keyboard skills, whichever skills you eventually choose from the CRCO and ARCO options.

Finding your level before you book
To help you select the appropriate level of class, please visit the Graded Keyboard Musicianship books webpage. Click here to find sample pages from Book 1 and here for sample material for Book 2. Try out the exercises and apply for the level above the one you find manageable. As the classes run simultaneously, it will be possible to transfer to a different level during or after the first class, if necessary.

Requirements in order to participate
• Your own copy of Graded Keyboard Musicianship Book 1 (OUP, 2017) or Graded Keyboard Musicianship Book 2 (OUP 2017)
• Attendance at all five classes
• A commitment to spend a minimum of one hour between classes practising at the keyboard and reading the text accompanying each lesson
• A good broadband connection (ideally wired, but stable wireless if not) and fluency with Zoom technology. Click here for further information
• Your computer placed next to a piano, organ or any other keyboard
• If aged under 18 a parent, guardian or other trusted adult must be present in the same building for the duration of the class.

To maintain the highest quality learning experience, places on each course is strictly limited to five participants so you are advised to apply in good time.

Comments after previous series
• The course really helped me to fill in the gaps I have in keyboard skills and knowing what to concentrate on in later courses. Listening to other organists of whatever level is really useful and helps in understanding the thought process that needs to be cultivated when dealing with keyboard skills.
• Very well presented, taking advantage of facilities available when working online - e.g we could all do exercises simultaneously (but muted) while one participant engaged with the teacher.
• It’s great fun to learn in this way, and I will definitely join the next group class!


Fee: RCO Members £200 (five classes @ £40 each); Non-members £275 (five classes @ £55 each)

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