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RCO Summer Course

Monday 2nd August 2021 (14:00) – Saturday 7th August 2021 (12:30)
City of London

Known for being 'the big course with the personal touch', the RCO Summer Course offers up to seven levels of study from early stages through to diploma level and beyond. Founded by Anne Marsden Thomas MBE, this year's course is again directed by Andrew Cantrill-Fenwick and taught by members of the RCO's team of Accredited Teachers. We expect to open in late January, meanwhile save the dates!

Key features
• 60 places available for all ages and stages
• based at the historic church of St Giles Cripplegate with its three pipe organs
• many more organs in the City of London available for teaching and practice
• personilsed timetables to suit your needs
• performance opportunities in masterclasses, services and student concerts
• tuition options (in classes and individually) on
        all aspects of playing technique
        repertoire playing
        service playing (hymns, worship songs, psalms, accompanying and
        conducting choirs)
        keyboard skills, including graded improvisation classes
        music theory

Comments from students on last year's course
• I cannot speak highly enough of this course. It has been a wonderful experience making me view many different aspects of my playing in a different light. It has also helped me conquer the nerves and given me confidence.
• The course has transformed the way I see the organ, giving me tips on how to practise effectively and allowing me to meet and speak with other organists. I would very much recommend it to anyone wishing to develop their playing.
• I would like to thank you and the team for the excellent organisation of this summer course. It has been a great experience and the teaching/learning has been really good.
• This was my first time on the course. I had a wonderful time, thank you!
• An absolutely inspiring experience even for beginners like myself. I will come back again in the future!
• I wanted to write and say how much I enjoyed the RCO summer course last week.It has taken quite a while to come down off cloud 9... The teaching was first class, the lessons, workshops and lectures covered just about everything and we played and heard several wonderful instruments.

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